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Jill’s endorsement: I don’t believe in “the quick fix”, but I do know that to support my active lifestyle, I need to keep my body as nourished as possible and I have found Shakeology to be the one source of that nutrition for me. I can be guaranteed of getting the shake in anywhere that I am and at any time without any preparation. I fully support whole and clean foods and love the idea that in this one shake I can accomplish getting in as much good stuff for me that I otherwise might not be able to provide my body with that day. I enjoy the taste. It is simple, it is clean. And I take it with just water in my shaker cup, although it does come with many recipe ideas. I can take this simple shake and be fine teaching several classes with a ton of energy “and then some!”

Jill’s endorsement: When it comes to my health and wellness, I like to use products that are as pure and natural as possible. It’s one of the reasons I use dōTERRA products, because they use the highest quality products to produce the best essential oils and blends available. I trust dōTERRA products to help me stay healthy and to take care of my body. Their Deep Blue Rub provides me with relief from any aches and pains the minute I put it on. I love their Breathe Blend, and use it at The Energy Lab in diffusers and as a great finishing touch after classes for our clients. We use a wide variety of their essential oils in the studio, in everything from diffusers to scented tissues to eucalyptus towels, to provide a favorite “and then some” experience in the studio that leaves people feeling refreshed after a work out. dōTERRA products make it possible for us provide a quality experience that I know will make a difference in people’s day.